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Automate your PCB assembly with the Boarditto Pick and Place Machine.

It comes with 4 Manual Tape Feeders out of the box for you to get started.

To take advantage of the machine’s full potential, we recommend that you also purchase (or earn by referring friends) Automatic Tape Feeders, which automatically load components into position without user intervention.

The Boarditto accepts up to 16 feeders at a time and you can easily swap these for other feeders with different components.

Features and Specs:

  • Dimensions

    • 36cm x 28cm x 18.5cm (14.2in x 11in x 7.3in)

  • PCB Size

    • Maximum 160mm x 100mm (6.3in x 3.9in)

  • Software

    • Included, Boarditto v1.0

    • Easy-to-use interface

    • No internet connection required

  • Vision

    • Dual camera (top and bottom) for high accuracy and precision

    • Automatically detects fiducials to compensate for PCB misalignment

    • Automatically corrects the position of each component during pick and place

      • Minimum component size 0402

      • Minimum component pitch 0.3mm

  • Speed

    • More than 15 components per minute

  • Hardware

    • Ultra-portable, weighing less than 5 kg. (11 lbs.)

    • Accepts up to 16 feeders, easily swappable

    • Accepts standard JEDEC and custom-made trays

    • Built-in computer (just plug in your monitor, keyboard, and mouse)

    • Built-in vacuum pump

    • Automatic nozzle changer for up to 4 sizes


  • 4 x Manual Tape Feeders: 8mm, 12mm, 16mm, 24mm

  • 4 x Nozzles of different sizes


You will need to plug in your own monitor, keyboard and mouse. We currently do not sell these accessories. Here are the recommendations:

  • Monitor:

    • The machine has a single HDMI port for your monitor.

    • Recommended screen resolution: 1920x1080 pixels.

  • Keyboard and Mouse:

    • The machine has 2 USB ports for your wired or wireless keyboard and mouse.

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