When is the expected delivery date of my pre-order?

Different pre-order dates may have different delivery dates. The expected delivery date for the first batch of pre-orders will be in December 2019. Your expected delivery date is shown on the product page at the moment you place your pre-order.

Do you ship worldwide?

We ship to many countries. You’ll find the list of countries when you input your shipping address during checkout. If your country doesn’t appear, contact us at info@boarditto.com to see if we can make special arrangements.

When will I be charged for my pre-order?

You’ll be charged at the time you place your pre-order.

Do I have to pay customs, duties, and taxes?

Yes, you’ll be responsible for any customs, duties, and taxes fees. Each country has its own import policies and fees.

Which shipping methods are available?

The default shipping method is by Hongkong Post (Airmail for international customers). We’ll be offering Express carrier (e.g. UPS, FedEx, or DHL) shipping when we get closer to the expected delivery date. If you’d like to receive a quote for a shipping upgrade later on, just choose the respective option during checkout.

Can I cancel my pre-order at any time?

We commit to provide you with special pre-order prices and offers, and therefore, we expect the same commitment from you when you place your pre-order with us. This means that before the expected delivery date, we won't be accepting cancellations and refunds of pre-orders under normal circumstances. We'll only start accepting requests for cancellations and refunds after the expected delivery date if we're unable to deliver your pre-order by the expected delivery date.

Pre-orders are final, meaning that delivered pre-orders are not eligible for refunds.

How do I earn my accessories?

Refer as many friends as you can! As a token of appreciation, we’ll reward you with store credit that you can exchange for accessories from our online store.

How does the Referral Program work?

When you pre-order a Boarditto, we'll assign you with a unique referral code that you can share with your friends. You’ll earn store credit for each friend of yours who uses your code and buys a Boarditto via our online store.

Learn more about the Referral Program.

How much store credit will I get?

You’ll get $200 store credit for each friend you refer that buys a Boarditto.

Will my friends get anything for using my referral code?

Each of your friends can get $50 store credit for using your referral code.

How do I use my referral rewards?

We’ll send you a unique coupon code with your store credit amount so you can exchange it for accessories from our online store. You can expect to receive an email with your code within 1-2 business days after earning your reward.

Do I need to pre-order so I can participate in the Referral Program?

Yes, you need to pre-order a Boarditto Pick and Place machine before we can send you a referral code.

If I pre-order a Boarditto machine today and separately pre-order accessories at a later date, will shipping be more expensive?

Shipping fee is calculated proportionally. For example, the total shipping cost of a single 2kg order would be the same as separate orders of 1kg + 1kg. During the pre-order stage, you can order multiple times and at different dates without worrying about overpaying for shipping.

I might be away when you ship my pre-order. Will I be notified of the shipping date beforehand?

Before we ship your pre-order, we'll send you a notification email to make sure you'll be available when your package is delivered. If we don't receive a confirmation reply, we'll hold on to your package until you let us know you're ready. Carriers will store packages only for a certain period of time so we wouldn't want yours to be returned to us!